What's New

What's New

Custom Quiz:

You can now customize your quiz! Click the custom quiz button, select the topics, and click start.
(You can generate a new quiz any-time)

A summary of the quizzes is available for your review

Note: Subscription required.

Symbolab Account:

Subscribe now and get a free upgrade to Symbolab apps!!!
Download the app, and sign up with your Symbolab user free of charge!:


Your notebook is now available on all devices. Save problems on your mobile app or the website
to re-visit any time anywhere.


A simple calculator is now available on the full pad for quick calculations w/o steps:

Click the calculator button to get:

Quiz Stats:

Don’t you want to know how you did compared with others? Now you can, simply hover the quiz summary icon (to the right of the Quiz button) to see just that.

Note: Subscription required.

Tangent to Conics:

A new calculator is now available; Tangent to Conics.
Finding the slope requires implicit derivative, a calculator with all the steps can be extremely useful.

Click here

Here’s how the solution steps look like:

And the graph:

Conic inequalities:

Conic inequalities calculator is available to help you graph.

Click here

Here’s how the solution steps look like:

And the graph:

Pop Quiz:

We’ve added pop-quiz for each and every topic. The quiz clock icon will show for topics you are practicing. Unlike the Quiz that covers multiple topics, the pop-quiz allows for a quick review of each topic and will show different questions every time.

Simply click the clock icon next to the topic and click Start quiz.

When done, a quiz report will show, you can now generate a new quiz or continue with practice.

Note: Subscription required.

Group Permissions:

You can now grant admin permissions to group members of your choice.
Admin permissions allow the member to manage group members and group notebook. No worries, you are still the owner of the group.

Solve by Method

We’ve added more learning options. You can now choose the solution method to solve by. For example, you can solve a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula, by completing the square or by factoring. Simply select your preferred method, good for one problem at a time.

Solve by is currently available for quadratic equations, simultaneous equations, LCM and GCF.

Note: Subscription required.

Decimal Places

You might want to change the number of digits after the decimal point. Go to the Settings section in your user page (to access the user page click your name at the top right corner), change the decimal places default.

Click here to set your preferences.

Note: Subscription required.

Groups with Code

To create a group and share with friends via other means than email, we now support a code generator. Simply click Generate Code, send the code to anyone you’d like to invite.

To join click Join Group with Code, type in the code and click Join Group.

Click here to create your group.

On-the-fly Settings

You can now choose how you learn on the fly, simply select your preferred style in the top right corner of the solution box, good for one problem at a time.

Select Show Steps to view all the steps (same as before), Hide Steps to hide the steps altogether (solution will show), or our preferred learning style, Step by step. Step by step is an interactive learning experience, you can ask for one step at a time, or type in your answer at any time (equations, derivatives and integrals only).

You can set your preferences in your user page as before. Click here to set your preferences.

Note: Subscription required.

Symbolab Study Groups

You can now create or join a study group, share problems with your friends, ask questions on things you are having trouble with, have discussions or comment on individual problems.

Start by clicking on Groups to create a new group and invite your friends:

You should get notifications on new invitations, updates and new comments:

When ready go to Notebook to share with your group, comment on problems, follow discussions.
Select the group or share problems from your notebook:

Click the discussion icon to view the latest comments:

Click here to create your first group.

Account Settings

You can now add an email to your Facebook or Office365 login.

Click here to add email login to your login options.

Graphing Calculator Save

We’ve added a useful feature to the Graphing Calculator: Save. You can now save any graph with the settings to your Notebook. Simply type in a title and click Save Graph.

Click here to start graphing.


A new look and cool features to help you save and manage any problem from Solutions or Practice

Add tags for easy access:

Filter by topic, tag, type or fav:

Click the Solutions or Practice icon to go back to the origin:

Click the notes icon to get a summary of the note plus social sharing and a delete button, share your favorite problems with your friends:

Click here to check out the new notebook.

Graphing Calculator

We’ve added some very cool features to help you learn functions and graphs.
New look with easy to use grid, color map and pad.

Parameter sliders to let you set the values, with an automated mode Play

A table populated with points to illustrate the function behavior. You can edit the x-values if you’d like.

Graph and Grid settings. You can set the scale, add labels or check the graph settings

Function properties with steps right here, within the Graphing Calculator

Click here to start graphing.

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